Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Defense & Security

Station IX is intended for use in Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training applications (vehicle operator training, sensor / weapons training, and command and staff training) and will add value to any stand-alone or distributed training. Station IX also can be an integral part of your operational command center and security operations center solution.

Station IX provides:

  • Unmatched 3D realism (in immersive VR/AR and mixed reality environments) – our system can merge synthetic & live video and sensor feeds / INTEL data in a common 3D view (without any depth perception issues)
  • Plug & Play video display integration
  • Real-time 3D multi-sensor image fusion
  • Built-in networking capability for distributed solutions
  • Easy to set up, calibrate, and reconfigure

Defense & Security Applications:


  • Vehicle Systems
  • Sensor & Weapon Systems
  • Command & Staff
  • Live Virtual Constructive


  • Command Centers / Military Control Rooms
  • Future Operations & Planning Cells
  • Autonomous Vehicle Command Centers
  • Security Operations Centers

High-Value Training

Virtual Reality Classroom of the Future

Station IX is the Virtual Reality Classroom of the future. It enables the most immersive & realistic virtual simulation training experience possible. Station IX combines high-resolution 3D imagery on multiple display channels with a high-fidelity sound system to create true immersion. Put yourself or your team in the action and face real-life scenario decision-making pressures. The 3D content shown inside the Virtual Classroom is as real as it gets.

Industry Applications

Civil Aviation
Compliment your flight simulator solution by using Station IX to train for aircraft maintenance, cabin crew familiarization, or for airport operations. Station IX offers new and innovative approaches to learning and allows your crew to be better prepared for tomorrow.

High Value Emergency Training
Modern emergency training in a classroom does not adequately prepare emergency responders for the harsh realities of their work. Station IX brings Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) simulation to a new level to get as close as possible. Minimize the risk and damage from catastrophic events through superior training, visualization of complex environments and concepts (as real as it gets)

Networked Visualization Platform

Virtual Reality Showroom of the Future

Station IX is a fully immersive high-resolution visualization device capable of providing 3D imagery to groups of people without the need for headwear. Step inside the world’s largest virtual reality headset in order to view large datasets at a glance. Station IX allows you to completely immerse yourself in your data and view high-value 3D content with your own eyes.

Industry Applications

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)
Explore the future before building it. Station IX facilitates design reviews and decision-making, enables virtual visits, and serves as a unique tool to wow your clients and stakeholders. Join your client inside Station IX to showcase your projects in a collaborative and highly-engaging environment.

Luxury (Customization)
Showcase your products in amazing fidelity and elevate the customer experience by turning Station IX into the most immersive and collaborative virtual showroom on the market.  Upgrade existing (or future) “virtual tours” for luxury real estate, private jet/auto/ship, or allow your existing luxury experience content for head-mounted devices to be enjoyed by all, without the need for wearables.

Infrastructure & Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Large infrastructure projects are complex. Station IX facilitates the design and review of your BIM workflows to increase productivity and minimize project risks. Avoid costly miscommunications with true-to-life visualization.

Geology & Mining
With Station IX, your team will be able to visualize and gain a better understanding of large, complex datasets. Get the most out of your operations by using the best possible data analysis tools to optimize your resource allocation and improve your productivity.

The possibilities are endless

If you want to learn more about how Station IX can be used in your industry, get in touch and a member of our team will walk you through our immersive display options.

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